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Health & Wellness Tips

Written by our Nutritionists, we focus on ensuring you’re living a balanced lifestyle that offers a flexible, livable approach to health and wellness. You’ll not only learn how to experiment with fresh products and how to get your kids involved in the kitchen - we'll also give you valuable advice on how to choose more nutritious foods.

Everything you need to know about sodium and the best practices to follow when consuming or using sodium.

Living gluten-free is not easy, hidden sources of gluten seem to be everywhere. Read on to discover some of these hidden sources and to take control of your gluten-free diet.

Eating a balanced snack is an important part of your day, especially if your meals are more than four hours apart. Read on for some balanced snacks ideas.

Your kids depend on you to give them the habits they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Read on for suggestions on how to encourage your kids to live this type of lifestyle.

Did you know you can gain insight into a fruit or vegetable's nutritional benefit just by looking at its color? Read on to see the various color groups and their corresponding benefits.

We all know that eating healthy can be expensive, however, with the right knowledge everyone can eat healthy and save money at the same time.


Holly Doan

Western and Central PA

I find great joy in helping customers develop healthy habits in an effort to meet their overall wellness goals. My favorite part about my job as an in-store nutritionist is being a support to my clients on their journey to a new lifestyle. I am passionate about empowering you to make the best choices for yourself and your family. I would love to hear your story and get to know a little more about your aspirations and goals. Can't wait to hear from you!

To connect with Holly call or email:
[email protected]

Shanna Shultz

Harrisburg, PA

A dash of color, a pinch of portions, and a sprinkle of variety is my recipe for a fun food experience! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, my hope is to cheer you on in meeting your nutrition goals while maintaining a positive and exciting outlook toward the vitality of food. Whether you're cooking for yourself or a crew, we can create meal ideas together that fit your dietary needs, budget, and most importantly, taste buds!

To connect with Shanna call or email:
[email protected]

Mary Robinson

Willow Grove, PA

From crafting delicious dinners to highlighting important vitamins and minerals for your health, I am passionate about providing you with the tools to make the most nutritious choices! With so many different options and opinions, it can be overwhelming to find what works best for your lifestyle. Let's partner together and create a recipe for a healthier you!

To connect with Mary call or email:
[email protected]

Sarah Glunz

Lehigh Valley, Northeastern PA, Northern Philly areas

I am passionate about nutrition because it never ceases to amaze me how the food we eat helps to create who we are. At GIANT I have the opportunity to do group education in the community and in our stores as well as focus my efforts on our own associates' health and wellness.

To connect with Sarah call or email:
[email protected]

Kilene Knitter

Lancaster, York and Chester Counties

I believe in a balanced lifestyle approach that brings joy to your life and a smile to your face. Whether you are taking the first step or are already on your wellness journey, I am excited to encourage and work with you to meet your health goals! Together we can find creative ways to enjoy the foods you love and build healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle.

To connect with Kilene call or email:
[email protected]

Rabiya Bower

Philly area

As a body positive dietitian, I believe in the strength of wholesome foods to power a healthy lifestyle. I can help you discover nutritious and delicious meals and snacks through workshops for your organization, in-store wellness walks, or other events. I enjoy working with and presenting to diverse groups, from children to senior citizens. Together we can elevate the health and wellness of our community.

To connect with Rabiya call or email:
[email protected]

Charlotte Scheid

Red Lion, PA

I believe that healthy eating should be easy, delicious and enjoyable! Making good food choices enhances our lifelong health and wellbeing. What I love most about my job is being part of the community and inspiring others to live healthier lives through food.

To connect with Charlotte call or email:
[email protected]

Joni Rampolla

Southcentral PA

I love working in the grocery store right where food choices are made! I am your enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate who helps people develop eating and lifestyle solutions for a delicious, healthier life. I can guide you to manage your weight, control a disease state, make healthier choices, avoid an allergen or be a confident shopper who knows how to choose the best foods for your family!

To connect with Joni call or email:
[email protected]

Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars is a nutrition guidance program to help you quickly navigate to foods with the most nutritional value. Just look for the stars as you shop!

Learn More Here

GIANT Cooking School

Learn about our culinary approach to nutrition, get recipe ideas, and take classes from our nutritionists and local professional chefs. To see what is going on at our Camp Hill and Willow Grove cooking schools, see our Event page.


Healthy Kids on a bus

Healthy Kids

Join GIANT FOOD STORES in our mission to help kids learn healthy ideas that last a lifetime with our nutrition programs.

Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars... as easy as 1, 2, 3

Guiding Stars is an objective, evidence-based, nutrition guidance program. The system rates foods as good, better or best to give consumers at-a-glance advice; the more stars a food earns, the more nutritious it is.

What is Guiding Stars?

Guiding Stars helps consumers quickly navigate to foods with the most nutritional value. Products are assigned 1, 2, or 3 Stars, based on their nutritional content. A higher Star rating means the item contains more beneficial nutrients overall, and has fewer nutrients that are best to avoid. With over 100,000 rated foods, making nutritious choices for you and your family is now simpler than ever.

Guiding stars logo

Food with Guiding Stars Have:

More:green checkmark
Whole Grains

Less:red x
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Added Sodium
Added Sugars
Artificial Colors

Look for the Guiding Stars on Products as you Shop

Based on the scientific consensus and informed by national or international policy, Guiding Stars has offered transparent and relevant nutritional guidance since 2006. Keep a lookout for the Stars on shelf tags throughout the store! If you don’t see a rating, no worries; not all products meet the Guiding Stars’ criteria to earn a Star rating.

Customer looking at guiding stars rating for kale

Still have questions? See FAQs about Guiding Stars or learn more at guidingstars.com.