Pacific Petite Romaine Lettuce Heads

Pacific Petite Romaine Lettuce Heads

2 ct bag


Lettuce Heads.


Growing A Vision: In 1989, our company started with a vision - to provide you with the best fresh produce that Mother Nature had to offer. Today we continue that vision and bring You the finest produce grown in regions chosen for their ideal climate and fertile soil We harvest each vegetable at the peak of perfection, ensuring you receive the high-quality products we are dedicated to growing. What was once our vision. is now our commitment - you want the best of what Mother Nature offers for your family, and to do we. Straight from the fields. More flavor and crunch packed into every head.

Rinse before use. Gives more crunch to your sandwich. Adds more snap to your salad. Doubles as your Taco shell. Keep refrigerated.

Country of Origin

Produce Of USA.


Pacific International Marketing