Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Fox

Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Fox

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Caution: to ensure the safety of your pet, supervise your pet at all times during play. Do not allow your pet to play with the toy if any part of the toy comes loose or separated. This toy is intended to be used only with supervision.


Spot® Skinneeez™ Stuffing Free Fox. Stuffing free dog toy for long lasting play. Skinneeez™ dog toys satisfy your dog's natural hunting instinct. Skinneeez™ are stuffing free so they offer long lasting play since there is no stuffing to rip out. The realistic design provides a flip flopping action that dogs love. Skinneeez™ are available in multiple sizes and designs so your dog will never be bored! ©2016 Ethical Products Inc.

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