Companion Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats

Companion Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats

1 ct pkg


Companion® Flea Comb. Quality & trust guarantee. For cats and dogs. For the removal of fleas & flea eggs. A flea comb is a pesticide-free way of removing fleas. It catches them in the narrow gaps between the teeth or forces them to jump out. Quality guaranteed or your money back. 1-877-846-9949. ©2017 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Keep a container of soapy water nearby for drowning the fleas or comb your pet in a bathtub so you can rinse the fleas down the drain. Run the comb gently through your pet's coat. After each run through, dunk the comb in the water and leave any fur. Continue until your entire pet has been combed, including the underside. Intended for pet use only.

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