Brown's Hi-Energy Plus Bird Lover's Blend

Brown's Hi-Energy Plus Bird Lover's Blend

5 lb pkg


White Proso Millet, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Striped Sunflower Seeds And Safflower Seeds.


Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes shrimp, peanuts and other tree nuts.


Hi-energy plus with peanuts. Preferred by Bird Watching Enthusiasts Everywhere! Peanuts are energy-rich and highly prized by songbirds of all sizes. Brown's created bird lover's blend for the experienced hobbyist and novice alike. This special blend is designed to attract the most desired birds in all regions during all seasons. We drew on the experience of six generations of the brown's family to develop this product. We know it will bring the beauty of colorful songbirds to your backyard habitat and make the bird feeding experience fun and rewarding for the whole family. Bring Nature to Your Backyard: Our Hi-Energy Plus with Peanuts attracts colorful nut-loving songbirds of all sizes right into your backyard. Our blend is packed with the nutrient-rich peanuts that are prized by wild birds. Your backyard birds will find each bite is filled with high fat and energy. We believe Hi-Energy Plus will fulfill all your bird feeding needs and bring all the rewards of this enjoyable hobby. A gourmet blend! This is not your ordinary bird food! It's rich in peanuts that birds crave. Plus we added high fat and energy containing black oil sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds and our premium white safflower seeds birds love to eat. No fillers & no waste! Our blend is free of filler seeds and grains that birds dislike and often discard. There's less outdoor cleanup because more food is eaten - that makes it more economical too! Attracts songbirds of all sizes! Our unique blend of delectable high fat seeds with high protein and fat peanuts attracts blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, cardinals and many more. Year-round high energy! It's power-packed with protein and fat from oil seeds and peanuts backyard birds need in critical seasonal times to survive and flourish. Peanuts and oil seeds are an excellent source of protein & fat during high-stress times. Peanuts work like a magnet attracting songbird varieties to your backyard feeders. Birds love nuts! Preferred by bird-watching enthusiasts everywhere! Wild Bird Feeding Industry. Barrier bag for locked in freshness. When it's more than just a hobby! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Click, our pet mouse says visit Brown's website at - Consumer Help Line: 1-800-334-8816.

Helpful hints for successful bird feeding! Water provide a constant source of water near your feeding area and the birds will flock to it. Year Round Food: Birds are attracted by a reliable source of food, so keep your feeders full and they'll return faithfully. Shelter: Place feeders near trees and shrubs because they provide a safe haven. A sunny, windless, southeastern exposure is the preferred feeding location. Variety of Feeder: The style of feeder will affect which types of birds are attracted to it. Cardinals prefer platform feeders, finches prefer tube feeders. Food Make the Difference: Each bird species has its food preference, so providing it will attract them. To open, full tab to the right.

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Made In USA.,USA


F.M. Brown's Sons Inc.