Kaytee Mesh Bird Feeder

Kaytee Mesh Bird Feeder

1 ct pkg


Ideal for mealworms. Kaytee Mesh Feeder: Attract more birds with your Kaytee Mesh Feeder! The Kaytee Mesh Feeder is a dual-purpose must-have feeder for your backyard! It's the only mesh/screen feeder perfectly sized to fit Mealworms. Plus, the Mesh Feeder may also be used with other bird foods such as sunflower hearts and chips, safflower and more. A favorite of Woodpeckers, Finches and Bluebirds! Durable wire mesh specifically designed to fit mealworms, peanuts and other medium size seeds. Drainage holes in tray to keep food fresher longer. Tray sized for desirable birds, also keeping food from being wasted. Feeder Capacity: 3.5 oz. Kaytee Mealworms, approximately 1 lb. peanuts or approximately 1 lb. sunflower hearts and chips. Visit us (at) kayteewildbirds.com.

For best results, use with Kaytee Mealworms. Feeding Hints: Keep feeders filled year-round. Provide a source of fresh water. Place feeders near cover-trees or shrubs. Clean feeders regularly.

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