GIANT Premium Toilet Paper Mega Roll 2-Ply

GIANT Premium Toilet Paper Mega Roll 2-Ply

18 ct pkg


Warnings: To avoid danger of suffocation or injury, keep this plastic packaging away from babies and children.


284 2-Ply sheets per roll. Each sheet 4.0 in x 3.92 in (10.1 cm x 9.9 cm) Total area 556.6 sq. ft (51.7 m to the power of 2). If you use Charmin (Charmin is a registered trademark of the Procter & Gamble Company. This product is not made by, distributed by or affiliated with the Procter & Gamble Company), you'll want to try ours! 18 Mega rolls = 72 Regular rolls (when compared to a regular roll with 71 sheets). Safe for septic & sewer systems. 100% Quality & trust guarantee. Quality guaranteed or your money back. For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-846-9949. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing.

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Ahold USA, Inc.