Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels White

Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels White

6 ct pkg


To avoid danger of suffocation. Keep this bag away from babies and children.Caution: Paper products can burn if improperly used in microwave ovens. Always follow the guidelines and precautions in the microwave oven owner's manual.


11.0 x 5.9 in (27.9 x 14.9 cm). 165 2-ply sheets per roll. Total 445.8 sq ft (40.8 sq m). 6 huge rolls = 18 regular rolls (Compared to Bounty Regular Roll 55 ct Select-A-Size). Like getting three more rolls (Bounty Regular Roll select-A-size vs Bounty 6 Huge Roll select-A-size pack). Traps mess 2x better when wet (vs our dry towels on dry mess): metal; granite; glass; wood. Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Towels are cloth-like paper towels designed to lift and trap mess on any surface. With Texture-Weave and two sponge-like absorbent layers, Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Towels help you maintain an exceptional clean every day. Viva Towels: An exceptional clean for the entire house! Product Name: Viva Multi-Surface Cloth: Cleans like cloth. More surfaces. Lifts and traps mess. Get coupons and learn more at If you have questions or comments, please call toll-free 1-800-563-3639. Dispose of properly. FSC: Mix - Paper from responsible sources. FSC certification ensures that the paper used in our towels comes from responsibly managed forests and other verifiable sources that meet specific environmental, social and economic standards.

Do not flush.

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