OxiClean On the Go Stain Remover Pen - 3 ct

OxiClean On the Go Stain Remover Pen - 3 ct

2 oz pkg


Water, Biodegradable Cleaning Agents, And Hydrogen Peroxide.


Caution: Eye irritant. See caution on back label.Contains hydrogen peroxide. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of eye contact with solution, rinse thoroughly with water.


2x more (vs 30 ml Tide pen pack). Stain fighting scrubber! From OxiClean the stain experts. Food. Drink. Cosmetics. The power of oxygen tackles your toughest stains! Works great on these stains and more! Coffee. Chocolate. Makeup. Spaghetti. Lipstick. Soy sauce. For more ingredient information visit www.oxicleanpen.com. Questions? 1-888-334-4890 U.S. www.oxicleanpen.com.

Stain Removal Directions: 1. Remove excess residue from stain and place a napkin behind. 2. Squeeze pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain. Tip: After stain removal, blot with napkin to remove excess solution, if needed. Before exposing to sunlight, remove excess solution from treated area with a damp cloth. Always test OxiClean on an inconspicuous area first.

Country of Origin

Designed In The USA,Responsibly Made In Vietnam.