Amodex Stain Swipe Fabric And Surface Cleaner

Amodex Stain Swipe Fabric And Surface Cleaner

10 ct box


Note: Applying another cleaning agent (even water) before using Amodex can set stains and reduce its effectiveness.


Contains: Ten (10) 6 x 8 in (15.2 x 20.3 cm) stain-removing cloths. 10 hand wipes for on-the-go stain treatment. New! Removes whiteboard ghosting! Removes: Sharpie; ink/dye; crayon; scuffs; wine and much more! Home. Car. Office. Travel. School. Many stains. One solution. Don't leave home without it. Safe to use on all non-porous surfaces: skin and hands; wood furniture & hardwood floors fab; auto upholstery, leather, canvas; whiteboards & smartboards; walls, cabinets, appliances, flooring, counters; laminates, tile, metals, plastic, rubber and more! Effectively Removes: grease, oils, tar, nail polish, paint; food - berries, wine, food coloring, curry; dyes, cosmetics, clay, scuff marks; all inks including Sharpie, Expo and permanent marker; and more! Non-toxic & eco-friendly cream soap formula. Family owned and operated since 1958. For questions call: 877-866-1255. Certified Women's Business Enterprise.

Rub StainSwipe over soiled hard surfaces while applying pressure to stained area. Wipe treated area clean with a damp rag. After prolonged use, add small amount of water to reactivate dried StainSwipe. Skin & Hands: Rub StainSwipe over soiled areas, then rinse.

Country of Origin

Made In USA.,USA