Amodex Spot Remover Non-Toxic

Amodex Spot Remover Non-Toxic

4 oz btl


For best results do not wet stain or surface prior to use.


Non-toxic & eco-friendly! Removes sharpie. Ink. Grass. Crayon. Paint. Wine. Berries. Oil. Chocolate. Tomato and more! Featured on marthe stewart living and good morning America. You most effective stain remover for all inks including: Sharpie. Whiteboard. Rollerball. Ballpoint. Highlighter. Crayon. Paint. Printing Ink and more. Inks: Ballpoint, permanent & whiteboard marker, flair/felt tip, gel, stamp pad ink. toner, writing inks, correction fluid. Rated no 1 by a leading consumer magazine and recommended by Avery, parker, pilot, sanford, and many others! Food Stains: berries, chocolate, coffee & tea, olive oil, fruit juice, food coloring, gravy, ketchup, kool-aid, mustard, red wine, salad dressing, soy sauce, tomato. And more - blood, crayon (recommeded by crayola), georgia clay, grass, grease/oil, hair dye, heel scuffs, lipstick, make-up, acrylic/latex paint, scorch marks, tar and mystery and old stains. Safe and Effective on Fabrics: Canvas, cashmere, cordurog, cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, viscose, wool and more. Treat Most Materials & Surfaces: Carpets, corian, fiberglass, formica, leather, linoleum, painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, tile, upholstery, vinyl, wood and more. Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Cream Soap Formula: Read enclosed brochure for important infromation before applying amodex. Women Owned. Eco friendly!

Country of Origin

Made In USA.,USA