Ecoegg Dryer Eggs Fresh Linen

Ecoegg Dryer Eggs Fresh Linen

2 ct pkg


Ecoegg Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks Contain Glycerol Monostearate And Perfume.


Keep out of reach of children.


AllergyUK: Allergy friendly product. Kind to your: Environment; pocket; skin. Reduces tumble drying 28%. With a hint of fresh linen. Contents: 2 Dryer Eggs and 4 fragrance sticks. The breakthrough in tumble drying technology. The ecoegg Dryer Eggs have been proven to reduce tumble drying time by up to 28%, saving you time, money and energy, whenever you use your tumble dryer. They also delicately fragrance and soften your clothes without the use of harsh chemicals. 1. If you have fragranced Dryer Eggs, push one fragrance stick into each of the Dryer Eggs. 2. Place both ecoegg Dryer Eggs into the drum of your tumble dryer along with your laundry to reduce the drying time. 3. The nodules on the Ecoegg Dryer Egg will soften your clothes - no need to use fabric softener. We are passionate about producing innovative products that are both free from harsh chemicals, environmentally friendly and kind to both your skin and pocket. Reduces Drying Time: Reduces tumble drying time by up to 28%. Softens & Fragrances: The unique design softens and fragrances your clothes. Scientifically tested. 10 Year guarantee. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Award Winning: Proud winners of The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016. Thank you for doing your bit. By using the Ecoegg Dryer Eggs your tumble dryer will dry your clothes quicker every time, saving you money whilst using substantially less energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Not tested on animals. FSC: Mix - Board. Card widely recycled.


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