Helping Hand Lint Traps Aluminum Mesh

Helping Hand Lint Traps Aluminum Mesh

2 ct pkg


Caution: When lint trap becomes half full, discard. Failure to do so may result in drain hose clogging and flooding or malfunction of the washing machine. Use only on washing machine discharge hoses which empty into a laundry tub or sink. Do not use on a hose which empties into or connects to a stand pipe.


The original. Fights to keep your drain clog resistant. Long lasting. Rustproof. Aluminum mesh. Obstructions. Durable. Aluminum. Inoxydable.

Installation: (1) Slide open end of lint trap 2 inches onto discharge hose of washing machine. (2) Wrap clamp (supplied) around lint trap and hose. (3) With ridges on the outside, pull pointed end of clamp through slot and pull tightly. To remove, just pinch the clamp release as shown in the diagram and pull apart.

Country of Origin

Made In Mexico. Printed & Packaged In USA.,Mexico,USA


Helping Hand