Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner Fresh Action Floral Fusion

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner Fresh Action Floral Fusion

24 oz btl


Water, Cleaning Agents, Thickener, Fragrance, Dye. SCJ Formula 35 34500.


Keep out of reach of children and pets., Never use or mix with other household cleaners as hazardous fumes may result.


SC Johnson - A family company. Reaches hidden grime under the rim. Powerful clean ultimate freshness. Extended reach neck reaches hidden dirt & grime under the rim. We work hard so you don't have to! With uniquely shaped neck, Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Action Toilet Bowl Cleaner provides powerful cleaning for your toilet bowl, leaving it fresh, even under the rim. Leaves a clean toilet. Helps remove limescale. Powers through stains. Leaves a fresh fragrance. Reaches hidden dirt and grime under the rim. A family company since 1886. Facts you can feel good about: Contains no phosphorus! Questions? Comments? Call 800-558-5252 or write Helen Johnson. Learn more at: Visit our web site at

Directions for Use: (1) Lift the toilet seat. (2) To remove the cap, squeeze the two side textured surfaces and unscrew completely. (3) Tip bottle to fill neck. (4) To clean, direct liquid gel under the rim and squeeze evenly around the bowl. (5) Allow to sit for at least 5 minutes. (6) Brush the entire bowl, then flush. (7) Replace cap and close tightly until an audible click is heard.

Country of Origin

Made In Mexico.,Mexico


S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.