Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad

1 ct pkg


18.31 in x 5.12 in (46.5 cm x 13 cm). For multi-surface floors. Hardwood. Stone & tile. Laminate & vinyl. Dual-zone microfiber lift and removes dirt & grime. Recommended by professionals since 1919. Relax. Bona makes it easy to care for your hard-surface floors. For 100 years, Bona has partnered with flooring professionals to create innovative products for a day clean, a timeless shine and a lifetime of protection. Love your floors with waterbased solutions from Bona that are safe for you and our planet. Microfiber Cleaning Pad: Fits the Bona Family of Mops; Designed for effective cleaning and a smooth application of Bona Polish; Dark blue outer fibers break up dirt; Light blue inner fibers trap and absorb dirt; Washable and safe for all floor surfaces. Bona Certified Craftsman. Hand-picked and fully trained on the Bona System of hardwood products, Bona Certified Craftsmen know how to protect your floors and bring out their natural beauty Bona Revive, Restore and Refinish treatments ensure love for your hardwood floors for years to come. A Bona System pad Locate a professional at (877) BuyBona (877-289-2662).

After dry dusting floors place the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad onto the mop base of any Bona mop. Use the pad with your choice of effective bona floor cleaner specially formulated to safely lift and remove remaining dust, dirt and grime for a complete clean. The cleaning pad may also be used to smoothly apply Bona Polish, but make sure to designate a cleaning pad for polish-only application. Rinse thoroughly and machine wash before storing between use. Washing Instructions: Wash in warm water; Do not use bleach or fabric softeners; Air or tumble dry low; Do not wash with articles that shed lint. Note: Bona Cleaning Pads themselves do not scratch surfaces, but can pick up particles that do scratch. Test in an inconspicuous area before use. Use only as directed. Rinse and wring cleaning pad often to avoid streaking.

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