Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Fragranced Wax Melts Exotic Jasmine

Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Fragranced Wax Melts Exotic Jasmine

2.6 oz pkg


Wax Melts.


Not ApplicableKeep out of reach of children and pets. Use within sight. Use only with a warmer designed to melt wax melts. Never warm on stove or other heat surface. Hot wax can cause injury. Do not touch the hot wax. Allow wax to harden before handling. Avoid prolonged contact with skin as it may cause skin irritation. May stain fabric and surfaces. Do not add water or fragrance oil to the wax. Keep the pool free of debris. Store in a cool, dry place as wax will melt when warmed. Do not ingest. Dispose of used, hardened wax in trash. Do not pour down drain.


Directions for Use: Follow use instructions provided with warmer. Place one fragranced wax melt in the center of a clean and dry warmer bowl. Do not overfill. Wax will begin to melt when the warmer is turned on, releasing the fragrance. Replace with a new Yankee Candle Home Inspiration wax melt once the melt no longer releases fragrance. Read inside label for safety and use instructions. Important safety instructions. Read all instructions for this wax melts and your warmer prior to use.

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