Maxwell House Filter Packs Coffee (Ground)

Maxwell House Filter Packs Coffee (Ground)

10 ct box

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100% Pure Coffee.


Do not use if inner foil seal is broken.


Good to the last drop. No measuring! No mess! Makes 40-60 cups. Filter packs come inside this specially designed cekacan. Foil-lined and sealed for flavor. Easy to open. Reclosable. Easy to store. We choose only the highest quality beans and custom roast them to perfection for a delicious, full flavored taste. Filter packs: filter packs offer a convenient way to brew great pot of Maxwell house coffee. Filter packs are easy to use. Just place in the basket, brew, and enjoy delicious cup of coffee. Learn More at: or call us at: 1-800-432-6333.

Brewing Instructions: Step 1 - Use one filter pack to make 4 to 6 (6 fl.oz) cups of coffee. Use two filter packs to maker 8 to12 cups. Step 2 - Auto - drip coffee makers with round brew baskets: Gently place filter pack in basket, turning edges up against sides of basket. Auto - drip coffee makers with cone - shaped brew baskets: Place filter pack in basket; Gently press into cone. Step 3 - Measure water by following water measurement markings on your coffee maker. Use more or less water to suit your taste. Be sure coffee in filter pack is evenly distributed. Round place in gently turning edges up against sides. Cone - shaped push in gently. Maxwell House Coffee: 1 filter pack; 4 to 6 6 fl oz cups fresh, cold water. Maxwell House Coffee: 2 filter pack; 8 to 12 6 fl oz cups fresh, cold water. Adjust amount of water according to strength preference. For best results, start with clean coffee maker and fresh, cold water. Close container tightly after use.

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