Lami Microwave Omelet Maker BPA Free

Lami Microwave Omelet Maker BPA Free

1 ct pkg


Microwave Omelet Maker.


Microwave Omelet Maker. Cook smart, eat smart. Fast and easy way to make perfect, fluffy omelets. BPA free. 2 min. Made from all new materials. Meets or exceeds 2009/2010 food safety requirements. No oil. No butter. No hot pan. No flipping of eggs. Microwave safe material cooks efficiently and quickly without the mess. Top shelf dishwasher safe.

Instructions: Beat 1 to 3 eggs. Chop grate other ingredients for filling (mushrooms, bacon, cheese, green peppers, tomato, ets.) and set aside. 1. Pour half of the beaten eggs into each side of the omelet maker and leave open. Microwave on the highest setting. 2. Take out of the microwave and let omelet set. While still moist add fillings to one side of the omelet. Close cooker to fold omelet together. 3. Microwave for 1 minute if making a 3 egg omelet. Reduce the time for 1-2 egg omelets. 3 Eggs - 1 1/2 min. 2 Eggs - 1 min. 1 Egg - 30 sec. Cooking time will vary based on microwave wattage and power level.

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