Brite Concepts Mini Chef Silicone Egg Ring

Brite Concepts Mini Chef Silicone Egg Ring

1 ct pkg


Silicone Egg Ring.


Brite Concepts Mini Chef Silicone Egg Ring. Great for 1 or 2 eggs - Sunny side up or over easy. Great for pancakes. Folding handle. Our Mini Chef Silicone Egg Ring makes perfectly round eggs that fit nicely on an English muffin, bagel or any other bread. Dishwasher safe.

Prep your pan as you usually would when making eggs with butter, oil, cooking spray, etc., and do the same to the egg rings. Egg rings should sit on bottom of pan without lifting or touching the sides. Warm the egg rings in pan over low heat before adding eggs. Use egg rings to make fried eggs, over, easy, scrambled, etc. Great for pancakes too! Tips: Add some cheese, vegetables, meats or even hot sauce for different variations! Care for your egg rings: High heat resistant silicone to 482°F / 250°C. Eggs are notoriously hard to remove once dry so is is best to wash the egg rings soon after use.

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