Lami Microwave Egg Poacher

Lami Microwave Egg Poacher

1 ct pkg


Microwave Egg Poacher.


Caution: To prevent eggs from exploding, pierce the egg yolk membrane thoroughly with a knife prior to cooking. Cook on medium only and allow to stand for at least 60 seconds before serving. Not suitable for range tops, conventional or convection ovens.


Lami Microwave Egg Poacher. Great for hot dogs! Poached eggs in minutes. Our Microwave Egg Poacher has been designed to cook the white of the egg before it cooks the yolk. Perfect eggs in minutes. Dishwasher safe. Instructions included inside. Made from all new materials. Meets or exceeds 2009/2010 Food Safety requirements. No BPA.

600 Watt ... 800 Watt ... 1000 Watt ... 1200 Watt. 1 Egg: 1 min 5 secs ... 1 minute ... 55 secs ... 50 secs. 2 Eggs: 1 minute 45 secs ... 1 minute 40 secs ... 1 minute 35 secs ... 1 minute 30 secs. Cook on medium only. If your microwave power output exceeds the above chart, correspondingly step down the power setting or the amount of time cooked. All microwaves are different and it may require a little experimentation. Soft Yolk Method: Cook on medium. Refer to timing chart above. Let stand for 1 minute before serving. Hard Yolk Method: Follow the soft yolk method. Allow eggs to stand 2 minutes. Cook again on medium for approximately 90 seconds. 1. Break eggs into poacher, center yolk in the well and pour one teaspoon of water over each egg. 2. Pierce the yolk of each egg two or three times with a knife point and close the lid. Place the poacher at the edge of the carousel (or against the back wall). Cook on medium. (See time chart above). 3. Allow to stand for about one minute before opening lid. Pierce yolks a second time. Serve eggs on toast or muffin.

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