Smart Living Saute Pan 10 Inch

Smart Living Saute Pan 10 Inch

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Caution: For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen. Birds' respiratory systems are sensitive to many kinds of household fumes, including the fumes from extremely overheated non-stick pan.


Smart Living™ Saute Pan 10 in. Easy clean non-stick. Stay cool handle. Even heat aluminum. 25 cm. Quality guaranteed or your money back. © 2018 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Before First Use: Remove all labels. Wash pans in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Nonstick cookware is safe for dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended to extend the life of your pan. Stovetop Use: Ideal for use with all conventional stove tops, including electric, gas, ceramic and glass. Not suitable for induction stoves. The bases of these saucepans are designed to conduct heat quickly and evenly. Follow recipes carefully during food preparation to ensure best cooking results. High heat is recommended for boiling only. Use medium-high for frying. Sauteing and searing. Low temperature setting is recommended for simmering and warming foods. DO NOT USE IN OVEN OR UNDER BROILER. Kitchen safety: Never leave a pan unattended on high heat or allow boiling dry as extended heating without liquid may cause permanent damage to your pan. Utensils: Nonstick cookware is safe to use with high temperature nylon, silicone or wood tools for longer lasting beauty. Do not use metal utensils. Do not use knives or small appliances such as electric mixers to chop or mix foods in your cookware. Such use can damage the interior surface. Cleaning: For best cooking results, always keep your cookware clean. Allow pans to cool prior to washing. Submerging hot pans in cold water can cause cookware to warp. Do not use abrasive cleansers during cleaning. Doing so can cause damage to exterior and interior of cookware For best results, hand wash with non-abrasive cleansers and liquid dish washing soap.

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