Magic Seasons Halloween Crystal Flashing Necklace

Magic Seasons Halloween Crystal Flashing Necklace

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Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 8 years! Necklace poses strangulation hazard. Not a toy!Warning: Lithium coin cell batteries. (1) Keep button cell batteries out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. Battery could cause severe injury or fatality if left untreated. If swallowed, promptly see a doctor and have the doctor phone American association of poison control centers (1-800-222-1222). (2) Always purchase the correct size and grade of battery most suitable for intended use. (3) Do not mix old and new batteries, alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (Nickle-cadmium) batteries. (4) Ensure the batteries are installed correctly with regard to polarity (+ and -). (5) Always remove batteries if consumed or if product is to be left unused for a long time.


5 Spooky modes 8 LEDs. 5 Patriotic modes. Includes 2 CR 1220 (3V) batteries. Artwork and design.

Instructions: (1) Remove plastic battery protector tab before activation. (2) Button controls 5 lighted modes: 1st press-fading. 2nd press-random blinking. 3rd press-quick flashing. 4th press-all blinking. 5th press-all on. 6th press-all off. Batteries: (1) Necklace uses two (2) CR1220 3v batteries. (2)When replacing batteries - place (+) positive side in the same orientation as the original batteries. Pull tab to activate battery.

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Shawshank LEDz Inc