Mobilcharge Car Charger Dual USB 3.1 AMP

Mobilcharge Car Charger Dual USB 3.1 AMP

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Car Charger.


Extra power to charge tablets and smartphones at the same time. Quick charge. Plug into your car's cigarette lighter/power outlet to charge most mobile devices with a USB power cable. Compatible with most USB charging cables. Input: 12V - 24V. Output: 5V - 3.1 A. Smart and fashion style car cigarette lighter power adapter. Dual USB output, charge 2 devices simultaneously. Charge does not affect the normal use of digital products. Compatible with iPhone/iPhone 3G/3GS/iPhone 4/5, iPad, iPod, iPod series, Samsung, Android or other cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS and more that can be powered through USB cable. Please protect the environment, do not abandon. Dispose of properly.

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