Life + Gear Glowstick RBG

Life + Gear Glowstick RBG

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Life + Gear® LED Glow Stick. LED™+. Extend battery life. Prepare for life. Twist on/off. Reusable. Batteries included. Emergency glow (20hrs). 20 hours. 250% longer life than a chemical glow stick*. Reusable LED glow stick. Features: Reusable LED glow stick. 20 hrs LED glow. No chemicals. Battery run times may vary. LED life: 10,000 hours. Actual size: 7.5". Battery recycle program: Free replacement batteries: As a benefit to purchasers of this Life + Gear product, free replacement batteries are available at by paying only shipping and handling. Reusable glow stick vs. regular chemical light stick. Eco-friendly: 1 reusable glow stick* eliminates the waste impact of 1,250 chemical glow sticks. *Based upon LED bulb life. Life + Gear is a registered trademark of Life + Gear Inc. Life + Gear's innovations are aggressively protected.

Directions for use: Twist top left & right to turn on and off.

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Life + Gear, Inc.


Del Mar, CA 92014