Bell Automotive Tire Gauge 100 PSI

Bell Automotive Tire Gauge 100 PSI

1 ct pkg


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Bell® 100 PSI Tire Gauge. Save gas. Check tire pressure. Proper tire pressure improves gas mileage. Chrome plated steel body. Two-sided metal indicator bar. Calibrated for more accurate readings. 10-100 PSI. ©2012 Bell Automotive® Products, Inc. Bell is a trademark of Bell Sports, Inc.

Instructions: 1. Press gauge firmly onto valve stem. 2. Read PSI on indicator bar. 3. Adjust tire pressure to vehicle manufacturer's specifications. 4. Push indicator bar back into gauge. Tire safety tips: Always keep your tires inflated to manufacturer's recommended pressure. Consult your vehicles owners manual regarding pressure settings when carrying excess loads. Check pressure when tire is cold. Check tire pressure every 30 days, as well as before and during extended trips. Proper inflation helps prevent blowouts, increases gas mileage and prolongs tire life.

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