Seafoam Auto Marine Fleet Motor Treatment for Gas & Diesel Engines

Seafoam Auto Marine Fleet Motor Treatment for Gas & Diesel Engines

16 oz can


Danger: flammable vapor harmful. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Carefully read other precautions on side panel. Danger: Flammable keep out of reach of children. Contains petroleum distillates. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with skin or repeated breathing of vapor. Do not get in eyes. If in eyes, flush with water and see physician. If swallowed, call a physician, do not induce vomiting. Use in accordance with all local, State and Federal regulations.


Sea Foam® Auto Marine Fleet Motor Treatment. Car. Truck. Inboard. Motorcycle. Tractor. Snowmobile. Outboard. Snowblower. Lawnmower. Chainsaw. For gas and diesel engines. Helps pass emissions tests. Cures hesitations pinging rough idle. When added to fuels. *Cleans injectors. *Cleans carb jets. Fuel stabilizer. Removes moisture from fuel & oil. Adds lubricity. Frees lifters - rings. Carbon cleaner. Upper cylinder lube. De-icer anti gel. Use in gas, ethanol, diesel or biodiesel. Use in oil. Use in injector & carbon cleaning machines. Internal engine use only. 2-cycle. 4-cycle. Diesels. Cars. Trucks. Boats. Tractors. Small engines. When aerosol Sea Foam® is desired, use Sea Foam® spray cleaner & lube. Tested to 60 degrees below zero. This gasoline additive is safe for use in all gasoline engines. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road equipment engines. Since 1942. Manufactured for Sea Foam Sales Co. Steel. DSC. Contains pet. Distillate (CAS 64742-49-0) (CAS 64742-47-8); Pet. Oil (CAS 64742-54-7), 2-propanol (CAS 67-63-0). All rights reserved. Guaranteed: Sea Foam is sold on the basis of...your money's worth or your money back. For more information go to: Sea Foam® is a registered trademark of Sea Foam Sales Co. ©Sea Foam Sales Company 2011.

Instant action. A 100% pure petroleum product for use in all gasoline and diesel type engines, both 2-cycle and 4-cycle. Oxygen sensor safe. Cleans dirty engine parts internally by removing harmful gums, varnish and carbon. Works and performs instantly. Removes moisture from oil crankcases and fuel tanks. Stabilizes and conditions fuels. Use for engine storage. Cures hesitations, stalls, pings and rough idle due to carbon buildup. Helps pass emissions tests. EPA registered. When added to crankcase (oil). Frees sticky lifters & rings. Cleans dirty parts. Removes moisture. Increases RPM's vacuum and compression. Cleans PCV valve systems. One pint treats 10 quarts of oil (avg. 1 1/2 oz per qt). For use in all motor oils including synthetic. Can be used before oil change or for long term cleaning. When oil becomes dirty, change oil. When added to gas or diesel fuel tanks. Cleans fuel injectors & carb, jets. Cleans carbon as you drive. Lubricates upper cylinders. De-ices and removes moisture. Diesel fuel conditioner & anti gel. Stabilizes fuel. One pint treats 8-25 gallons of all types of gas or diesel fuels (avg. 1 oz per gallon). When used in fuel line, vacuum or induction cleaning systems. Cleans carbon build up. Gives smoother idle. Cures hesitations & pings. Cleans intake valves & pistons. Cleans catalytic converter odors. Restores power & pickup. With warm engine running - important: slowly induce 1/3 pint direct into vacuum line. Important: before any vacuum lines are used, check with a certified technician to make sure lines feed all cylinders safely as this varies with each engine. Turn ignition off. Restart engine after 5 minutes. Be sure exhaust is well-ventilated. Fumes will be extreme for a short time. To perform this procedure safely through the air induction systems on all 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines without professional assistance, Sea Foam® spray cleaner & lube can be used as per instructions on can. For use in injector cleaning machines, use 50% Sea Foam® 50% fuel. For use in carbon cleaning machines as directed. Fill diesel fuel filters with Sea Foam® to clean injectors fast. Sea Foam® is not for use through diesel air intake systems. When used in small (2-cycle or 4-cycle) engines. Cleans carbon build up. Cleans carb, jets and injectors. Stabilizes fuel. Restores power. Smooths rough idle. Removes moisture. One pint treats 8 to 25 gal in all types of gas (avg. 1 oz per gal) or 6 to 12 gal in all types of gas oil mix (avg 2 oz per gal) for cleaning and stabilizing. Add more to clean, less to maintain. Does not replace oil. Use frequently. For tune-up of small engines, induce Sea Foam® direct into fuel line or air intake system while engine is running. Stop and let soak for 5 minutes, restart engine to clear extreme exhaust. Repeat as needed. To store & fog engines, induce Sea Foam® into air intake system and spark-plug holes, saturating internal parts. When aerosol Sea Foam® is desired, use Sea Foam® spray cleaner & lube. For peak performance, use Sea Foam® every 2,000 to 5,000 miles.


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