Pure Silk Shave Cream Moisturizing with Aloe Coconut & Oat Flour

Pure Silk Shave Cream Moisturizing with Aloe Coconut & Oat Flour

8.0 oz


Water, Stearic Acid, Isobutane, Propane (or May Contain Butane), Triethanolamine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Laureth-23, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe), Oat Flour Extract.


Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not heat for warm lather or any other purpose. Do not store where temperature may exceed 110°F. Keep from freezing. Keep out of reach of children.


Pure Silk® Moisturizing Shave Cream Coconut & Oat Flour. Rich & luxurious shave cream. Moisturizing with aloe. Rust-proof can. Net Wt 8 oz (227 g). Shave cream for women. Rich lather protects against nicks & cuts, while providing a comfortably close shave, leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Plus. Rust-proof aluminum can. Moisturizing formula softens & nourishes skin as you shave. Thank you for choosing our rich and luxurious shave cream... for legs like pure silk! No CFCs - Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. We do not test on animals. Visit www.pure-silk.com.

Wet skin with warm water, leave wet. Shake can and hold upright. Press top to release lather.

Country of Origin



Perio, Inc.


Dublin, Ohio 43016