Gillette Sensor3 Refill Cartridges Triple Blade

Gillette Sensor3 Refill Cartridges Triple Blade

8 ct pkg


Gillette® Sensor® 3. Fits all sensor razors. 3 blades. 8 cartridges. Fresh blade. Better Shave™. A triple blade shaving system for the closest, most comfortable sensor shave ever. Fits all sensor razors. 1. 3 self-adjusting blades... automatically adjust to every curve of your face. 2. Advanced lubricating strip... keeps Sensor 3 gliding easily over your skin. 3. Soft, protective microfins... gently set up your beard so the blades can comfortably shave you closer. For the best shave from Gillette, try the Fusion shaving system. Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get®. Comments? 1-800-GILLETTE. ©2003. ®Registered trademark.

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