Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer

Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer

1 ct box


Trim, shave & style. Safe & easy way to a beautiful bikini line. +3 accessories. Storage pouch + cleaning brush + battery included. (1) Small cutting teeth cut the hairs while protecting the skin. (2) Trims your hair at 3-5 mm length. (3) For a smooth shave after trimming. (4) Washable head. 0.5 mm. Mini trimming head. 3-5 mm. Click-on trimming combs. 0 mm. For a smooth shave after trimming. For assistance call 1-800-243-7884 or visit our website: FSC: Mix - Packaging.

Country of Origin

China,Made In China. Designed In Netherlands.


Philips North America LLC