Clio Palmperfect Cordless Electric Shaver for Women

Clio Palmperfect Cordless Electric Shaver for Women

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This device is not a toy and is not intended for use by or on children. This device is intended for household use only. Do not use the device if it has a damaged foil, blade, or cutting unit, as injury may occur. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or heated surfaces. This device is water resistant. It may be exposed to splashing water in the shower, and can be rinsed clean under the faucet, but should never be completely submerged in water.


Clio® Palmperfect® Cordless Electric Shaver for Women. Wet-dry use! Easy to use. Painless. Hang anywhere. Battery-operated electric shaver. Safe and easy to use on legs and underarms. Also great for trimming bikini line, neck and feet. Dual clipper blades for shaving any hair length... painlessly. Water-resistant design for use wet or dry. Take it anywhere - home, travel, gym or office. Uses two "AAA" alkaline batteries (not included). Designed in Boston/Made in China. Owner's manual. Thank you for purchasing the Palmperfect® cordless electric shaver for women. To ensure you have the best possible experience with this product, please read all instructions and precautions carefully before use. For more information visit us online at or call (800) 514-CLIO. ©2010 Clio Designs Inc. 2 year limited warranty. Contact/warranty/support: The Palmperfect® carries a warranty against manufacturing defects (excluding cutting blades) for two years from the date of original purchase. Clio designs will, at our option and upon submission of a valid proof of purchase within the warranty period, repair or replace the shaver free of charge. To register your product, please complete the enclosed warranty information card and mail to Clio Designs Incorporated, Warranty Registration Dept., 1000 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494 USA, or register online at For assistance or for issues related to performance, damages, blade replacement, warranty, regular maintenance or customer feedback, please contact Clio designs toll free at (800) 514-CLIO (except in Massachusetts) or in Massachusetts at (781) 449-9500 - press zero for an operator and request assistance, Monday - Friday from 8:30AM until 5:30PM EST. Thank you for your support of Clio designs. Visit Clio online at ©2013 Clio Designs Incorporated.

Using the Palmperfect®: This shaver is recommended for use on the legs, underarms, bikini line, feet, etc. Before use, check the shaving head for damage. If signs of wear or damage are evident, do not use the shaver as injury may occur. It is not necessary to press hard when shaving your legs, underarms, or bikini line. Too much pressure while shaving may cause skin irritation, and the shaver will not function properly. For wet shaving, a thin layer of soap or shaving cream may be applied to the skin before shaving, but it is not recommended. Skin should be clean for dry shaving. Cleaning: Always clean the Palmperfect® with the power turned off. You can expose the device to running water for cleaning, but it should never be completely submerged. The blade assembly can be pulled from the unit and rinsed under running water. Both the blade assembly and area around the blades should also be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. For the best performance, we suggest lightly oiling the shaving head from time to time by spreading a drop of mineral oil over the foil and trimmers. Batteries: The Palmperfect® requires two (2) 'AAA' 1.5 volt alkaline batteries for operation. Do not use old or damaged batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Battery installation/replacement: 1. Twist the clasp in the direction of the arrows indicated on the battery door to remove the battery compartment cover (fig. 1). 2. Insert the batteries according to the polarity markings above the battery compartment (fig. 2). 3. Line up the dash (-) lines on both the battery door and the shaver body to push the battery compartment cover back into the shaver. 4. Turn the clasp back to its original position to secure the battery door in place. Note: the battery compartment cover will only fit in one direction. The shaver will not operate if the batteries are improperly installed. Replace the batteries as soon as you notice the device is running slower than normal, otherwise hair pulling may occur.

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