Gillette Mach3 Razor + 5 Cartridge Refills

Gillette Mach3 Razor + 5 Cartridge Refills

1 ct pkg


1 razor 5 cartridges. 20% more value on blades (per blade, vs. Mach 3 razor sold with 2 blades). 3 blades for a classic clean shave. Lubrication strip with cushioning lubricants. 3 stronger than steel blades for durability that lasts up to 15 shaves. Microfins gently stretch your skin for a close shave. All Mach3 cartridges fir all Mach3 handles. Gillette the best a man get. Comments? 1-800-Gillette. Terracycle: Visit to recycle used blades, razors, and packaging.

Country of Origin

Handle Made In China.


Gillette/Procter & Gamble