Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Personal Lubricant

Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Personal Lubricant

1.4 oz box


Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Pluronic, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Arabinogalactan, Potassium Phosphate, Propylparaben.


Pre-Seed lubricant does not harm sperm. It is not a contraceptive. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately, and if it persists, consult a physician. Do not reuse applicator.


Pre-Seed™ Personal Lubricant Fertility-Friendly. For use when trying to get pregnant. Developed by doctors. Used by fertility clinics. Clinically shown to be fertility friendly. Provides antioxidant support for sperm. Mimics your own fertile fluids. From the makers of First Response™. Uses: Pre-Seed fertility-friendly personal lubricant is for use when trying to get pregnant. Pre-Seed lubricant mimics your own fertile fluids to create the optimal environment for sperm on their journey. Apply Pre-Seed lubricant to vaginal or penile tissues to provide safe lubrication when trying to conceive. Compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms. Pre-Seed fertility-friendly personal lubricant. What makes Pre-Seed lubricant unique? Clinically shown to be fertility-friendly lubricant. Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids. Natural feeling. Sperm moves freely through Pre-Seed. Pre-Seed fertility-friendly personal lubricant is a patented formula that mimics your own fertile fluids so sperm can swim freely. Other lubricants limit sperm motility. Clinical studies show that other lubricants can limit sperm motility. That is why fertility experts recommend using Pre-Seed lubricant to optimize natural fertility. Visit for helpful pregnancy resources and success stories. When trying to conceive, consult a physician if you are not pregnant after 6 months of product use. Questions & information: Visit us at or call 1-800-833-9532 (M-F 9AM-5PM ET). Pre-Seed™ is a U.S. trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Pre-Seed lubricant best mimics your fertile fluids when applied inside the vagina near the cervix, prior to intercourse. Do not store product in applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use. See enclosed insert for complete directions. No patient data are available regarding viable pregnancies or birth outcomes in patients using this product. Important: The applicators are single-use only. If additional lubrication is desired, use a new applicator or apply by hand. Store at 36 degrees - 86 degrees F.

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