Fixodent Plus TrueFeel Denture Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Plus TrueFeel Denture Adhesive Cream

2 oz pkg


Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA, Mineral Oil, Cellulose Gum, Petrolatum, Silica.


Do not use more than directed. Important: Do not use more product than shown in diagram. If product oozes off denture in your mouth you are using too much. Do not use product more than once a day. With proper use this tube should last at least 6 to 7 weeks. Write date opened. Do not use excess product for poorly fitting dentures. Consult your dentist regularly to ensure you have properly fitting dentures. Poorly fitting dentures may impair your health. Warning: Do not use more than directed. Safety Feature: Do not use if carton is open or torn.


Flavor & color free. For fulls and partials. Ultra thip tip. Continuous application. Continuous adhesive line. Better sealing effect (vs. Fixodent Neutral. When used as directed). No zinc added (Contains up to 0.2% zinc [12% of the level of other Fixodent cream adhesives] as a result of shared manufacturing lines). With ultra thin tip. A closer feeling to natural teeth (vs. no adhesive). No. 1 Dentist recommended brand (Among those that recommend brands of adhesive). Fixodent and forget it! Fixodent and forget it! For more support and information about dentures, proper use of adhesives, zinc and other product ingredients, or any other questions or comments, go to or call 1-800-214-8871. Questions? Comments? Call toll-free 1-800-214-8871.

Upper. Lower. Partial. 1) Clean & dry dentures. 2) Apply & adhesive in thin lines as shown. 3) Insert dentures and hold briefly in place.

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Procter & Gamble Company