Revlon Nail Clip

Revlon Nail Clip

1 ct pkg


Keep out of reach of children.


Revlon® Nail Clip. Limited edition. Isaac mizrahi. Lovers. Accurate Clipping. Color is the greatest luxury of all. Lsaac mizrahi is a leader in the fashion industry, known for his timeless, cosmopolitan style. Beautyge, S.L., 08940 Barcelona, Spain. Imp. By Beautyge Mexico S.A. De C.V. Y Dist. En Mexico By: Revlon S.A. De C.V, Ambas Con Direccion En Insurgentes Sur 2453 Of. 101 C.P. 01090 Mexico, D.F. Producto Imp. De Usa By: Revlon Overseas Corp,, C.A. Rif: J-00031312-1 Y/0 Corporacion Rocosme 2012, C.A. Rif: J-40041757-0 Y Dist. By: Revlon Overseas Corp., C.A. Y/O Corporacion Rocosme 2012, C,A.Caracas, Venezuela. N.S.O. PC-X-XX.XXX-Ve Cpe XXXXXXXXXX. Imp. New Revlon Argentina S,A, - Legajo N° 2266 - M,S Res. 155/98 - Consumer Service Center: 0800-77738566. ©2017 Revlon Consumer Products Corp.

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