ORS Olive Oil Formula Curl Stretching Texturizer

ORS Olive Oil Formula Curl Stretching Texturizer

1 ct pkg


Contains alkali. Caution: This product contains ingredient(s) that will cause irritancy reaction when it comes into contact with the skin and/or eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact a medical practitioner if irritation persists. Do not rub eyes. Do not use if there has been reaction to a similar product. Carefully follow the instruction sheet provided. Do not shampoo the hair 24 hours before using the texturizer, unless otherwise specified. To avoid skin and scalp irritation, hair loss, hair breakage, and/or eye/ear injury. Do not apply directly to scalp. Apply texturizer only to hair that has not been textured. If hair has been previously textured, apply only to new growth. Do not use this product if scalp is Irritated, or on hair that is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged. Do not use on bleached, frosted, color lifted, damaged, or curly permed hair (ammonium thioglycolate). Do not use on hair that has been treated with "natural relaxers" containing metallic salts or ammonium bisulfite. Wait two weeks between textured hair and using permanent/demi-permanent color. Rinse the scalp and hair thoroughly with water as soon as the texturizing process is complete or if irritation or discomfort occurs; and shampoo with ORS™ olive Oil neutralizing shampoo with color cue protection. If irritation persists, or if hair loss occurs, consult a medical practitioner. Serious injury may result if the texturizer is ingested. For external use only. If ingested or internal contact occurs consult a medical practitioner immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Texturizer product chemically restructures curly hair and should not be used as a conditioning treatment. Keep out of reach of children.


ORS™ Olive™ Oil Formula Curl Stretching Texturizer. New! Exotic oil boost. Add oil boost to Texturizer. Stretch, soften & nourish curls with the power of exotic oils. Contents: 1 complete application. For all hair textures fine, medium & coarse. Ors™ Olive Oil Curl Stretching Texturizer gently stretches naturally curly hair for easy to groom, easy to wear, looser curls. Our unique formula includes a boost of four potent Exotic Oils that leave hair moisturized, smoothed and softened. Conquer your curls with the power of Exotic Oils! Mediterranean Olive Oil for moisture. Brazilian Pequi oil for smoothing & nourishment. African shea oil for softness. Egyptian black seed oil for strength. Kit contains. A. Curl Stretching Texturizer Creme. Protects hair while gently elongating curls. B. Exotic Oil Boost with Olive, Pequi, Shea and Black Seed Oils. Moisturizes, smoothes and softens hair. C. Neutralizing Shampoo with Color Cue Protection. Neutralizes, detangles and softens hairs. D. Replenishing Pak™ Penetrating Hair Conditioner. Increases moisture and fortifies hair. E. Smooth Control Styling Gelee with Pequi Oil. Conditions, smooths and defines curls. Pair of Gloves, Wooden Spatula, and Step-By-Step Instructions. Dabur. Ors, replenishing Pak and olive oil design are registered and common law trademarks of Namaste Laboratories, LLC. In many countries. Distributed in South Africa by Urban Laboratories International LLC. S.A., 10 Bradford Rd. Bedfordview, Gauteng South Africa 2007. TRC, 2511 VJ The Hague, Netherlands. Questions? Call 1-888-766-8784 or email [email protected] www.orshaircare.com. © 7/2016 Namaste Laboratories L.L.C.

Store kit in cool dry place at room temperature.

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