Goody Go Curl Flexible Rod Rollers

Goody Go Curl Flexible Rod Rollers

18 ct pkg


Gocurl Flexible Rod Rollers.


Goody® Gocurl™ Flexible Rod Rollers. 2 Sizes. For medium to short hair. Whether you want a tousled look or extra curl, the blendable, flexible rollers will give you long-lasting look. Plus the two sizes are perfect for all hair lengths and styles. We would love to hear from you: 1-800-241-4324. See more at © 2017.

Instructions: Separate hair into sections. Hint: the size of the section will determine the end look (smaller sections, tighter curls: larger sections, loose waves). Wrap ends tightly around the roller then overlap with hair to hold in place. Wind roller to root then slightly bend ends. Hint: to achieve long spirals wind hair across entire roller. The roller should resemble a "C" shape. To prevent tangling, unroll rollers slowly from hair.

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