CareOne Shower Shield Clear Bandage Protector

CareOne Shower Shield Clear Bandage Protector

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Shower Shield Clear Bandage Protector.


Discard after use. Product is not sterile. Product is not a primary wound cover and should not come into direct contact with your wound. Do not use if wrapper is open or damaged. Do not place Shower Shield over your nose or mouth. Do not submerge Shower Shield in water. External use only. Keep away from children. Applying on joints may prevent a waterproof seal. If bandage gets wet, remove. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult a medical professional.


CareOne® Shower Shield Clear Bandage Protector. For protecting a dressing. Blocks out water, dirt & germs in the shower. Covers but won't stick to bandage or wound dressings. Use with bandages or with a 2 inch by 3 inch non-stick pad. 100% Waterproof in the shower*. 3 Step wound care: Step 1 - Clean. Step 2 - Cover. Step 3 - Secure. Covers. All one size. 4 - 5 in x 4 in (127 mm x 101 mm). Not made with natural rubber latex. Made with globally sourced materials. *Lab tested. Quality guaranteed or your money back. 1-877-846-9949. ©2018 S&S Brands, LLC.

Non-stick center is 2 in x 3 in (50 mm x 76 mm). Apply a primary bandage to your wound. Be sure the area around the wound is clean and dry. Remove the Shower Shield from the paper wrapper. Remove one side of the paper liner and expose the adhesive surface. Position the Shower Shield over your primary bandage. Be sure the Shower Shield completely covers your bandage. Remove the second side of the paper liner. As you pull off the liner, smooth the Shower Shield down and press edges firmly to adhere to skin. Pull liner away from non-stick center first. Be sure to completely seal your Shower Shield for maximum protection. Make sure there are no gaps or wrinkles on the adhesive border. Single use. Removal: After shower, gently pat dry. To remove, grasp the edge and peel the Shower Shield slowly from the skin in the direction of hair growth.

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