KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Latex Free

KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Latex Free

20 ct pkg


If you have skin sensitivities, cancer, or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or sore. KT Tape® is not a replacement for professional medical care. Warranties and remedies limited to product replacement cost.


KT Tape® Gentle Strips Beige. Kinesiology Therapeutic tape. Elastic sports tape for pain relief and support*. New! Easier removal. Latex free. 10" Precut. Play harder™. For common injuries*. Carpal tunnel. Hamstring strain. Wrist pain. Runner's knee. Neck strain. Calf strain. Shoulder pain. Achilles Tendonitis. Tennis elbow. Plantar Fasciitis. Golfer's elbow. Shin splints. Rib pain. Ankle sprain. Gluteus pain. Quad strain. *Not clinically proven for all applications. All-natural cotton. Less skin irritation. Lasts 1 to 3 days. Good support. Comfortable. U.S. and international patents issued and pending. See www.kttape.com/ip. All rights reserved. www.kttape.com. ©2016 KT Health, LLC.

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