CareOne Grip Wrap Self Adhering Bandage Beige 4 Inch

CareOne Grip Wrap Self Adhering Bandage Beige 4 Inch

1 ct pkg


Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction.


4 in x 70 in (10.1 cm x 177 cm) Rx our pharmacists recommend. CareOne Grip Wrap helps athletes perform at their best by providing firm compression and maximum support to ligaments, tendons and muscles. The unique cotton and latex woven technology allows CareOne Grip Wrap to adhere to itself without the use of pins or clips, and without sticking to hair or skin. It tears evenly, is hand washable and reusable. The exclusive properties of CareOne Grip Wrap allow it to maintain a firm grip even underwater. CareOne Grip Wrap is excellent for first aid as a secondary bandage over sterile dressing.

Treating your injury. (1) Inflammation, swelling and stiffening may occur when you injure a muscle, tissue or joint. (2) The healing process is delayed when swelling restricts blood flow to the injured area. (3) Reducing swelling promotes the healing process by increasing blood flow to the injured area. The four steps of R.I.C.E. therapy shown below can be used as a guide to help reduce swelling and promote faster healing from an injury. Rest: Rest as much as possible. Ice: Apply cold compress over a thin towel for 15 minutes, remove. Reapply as needed. Compression: Apply grip wrap to the injury. Elevation: Elevate the injured area to help reduce swelling. Always follow the advice of your doctor for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries. For maximum comfort the following bandage widths are recommended: Finger, wrist: 1 inch or 2 inch (Minimum outstretched length is 70 inch/1.77m. Ankle, foot, elbow: 2 inch or 3 inch. Knee, leg: 3 inch or 4 inch.

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