Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Cushions Variety

Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Cushions Variety

5 ct pkg


Warning: Diabetics and those with poor circulation should wounds, fragile skin, burns, stitches, infected areas or on children less than 2 yrs. Before use, see full instructions and warning inside.


2 x. 4.2 x 6.8 cm. 1.6 x 2.6 in. 2 x. 2.0 x 6.0 cm. 0.7 x 2.3 in. 1 x. 1.7 x 5.1 cm. 0.6 x 2.0 in. New. Protects from rubbing and pressure to help prevent painful blister. Cushions and protect skin. Long lasting. Stays on for multiple days, even through showers. 2x. 2x. 1x. Mixed sizes. Stays in place for several days. Individual experience might vary. Before use see instructions. After application, a white gel may form. This is normal. Questions: 866-565-2873; Outside US, dial collect 215273-8755. For medical emergencies see professional help. Care to recycle.

Blister Cushions Mixed: Directions: Clean and dry skin before use. Do not touch adhesive side of cushion. Leave in place until it starts to detach. (Note: may stay in place up to several days). Store at 20 degrees C to 25 degrees C (68 degrees F-77 degrees F). Push down to open.

Country of Origin

Hungary,Made In Hungary.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer