Tampax Pearl Tampons Super Absorbency Plastic Applicator Unscented

Tampax Pearl Tampons Super Absorbency Plastic Applicator Unscented

18 ct box


(May Contain): Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Fiber Finishes.


Attention: Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Read and save the enclosed information. Tampons come in standardized industry-wide absorbencies. Use the chart for comparing absorbencies of all industry products. The risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) increases with higher absorbency. In order to reduce your risk of TSS, you should use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs.


LeakGuard Protection. Get up to 8 hours. Our best Pearl protection ever. Super: 9-12 grams. Tampax does not manufacturer or sell tampons under any other time. Power over periods. LeakGuard Braid Protection: Helps stop leaks before they happen. Smooth removal layer. For amazing comfort, even on light days. Pick the absorbency that matches your flow each day for incredible protection and amazing comfort (Use a tampon with the minimum absorbency needed to control your menstrual flow in order to reduce the risk of getting TSS). Fresh, clean look! Tampax does not manufacture or sell tampons under any other name. Your Flow: Moderate. Absorbency: Super. Our best Pearl protection over. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram. Questions? 1-800-523-0014.

Use for 8 hour maximum. Directions for use enclosed. Do not flush.

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Made In USA.,USA


Procter & Gamble Company