Always Maxi Pads Super Protection Extra Long Size 3

Always Maxi Pads Super Protection Extra Long Size 3

33 ct pkg


Cellulose, Polyethylene, Polyester, Hot Melt Adhesive, Polypropylene, Rayon, Titanium Dioxide, Polyoxyalkylene Substituted Chromophore (blue), Potassium Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether Phosphate, PEG Sorbitol Hexaoleate, Polyethylene Glycol Monolaurate, Glycerin, PEG Hydrogenated Castor Oil Trilaurate.


Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children.


3+ Month Pack (Based on average US consumer usage). Up to 100% leak-free comfort. 3x protection system: 1 RapidDry: Absorb in seconds. 2 LeakGuard: For long-lasting protection. 3 SecurelyFits: Keeps the pad in place. Flow: Panty Size: XL+ 3: Light; moderate; heavy. Great for day. Heaviest: Always Zzz overnight pad. Always Zzz period underwear. Questions? Comments? Call Toll-Free: 1-800-888-3115. When making inquiries, please refer to the number printed on the bottom of the package. For more information visit

Do not flush.

Country of Origin

Assembled In Canada.


Procter & Gamble