Always Pure Cotton with Flex Foam Pads Unscented Size 2

Always Pure Cotton with Flex Foam Pads Unscented Size 2

24 ct pkg


Pure Cotton with flexfoam. Pads free of dyes, fragrances & chlorine bleaching. Up to zero feel & zero leaks. 100% cotton top layer. The best of science & nature with the world's only pad crafted with a pure cotton top layer and our breakthrough flexfoam core. No feel, no fail protection is possible. Our pure cotton top layer is sourced from premium cotton that makes up less than 1% of the world’s supply, meeting strict ingredient and processing requirements. Flexfoam absorbs 10x its weight yet feels like nothing. Pad Made With: 100% organic cotton top layer. Absorbent flexfoam core. Printed polyethylene wrapper. Adhesives & polyethylene back layer. Pads Made Without: dyes; fragrances; chlorine bleaching. Our Commitment: Source & manufacture responsibly. Use only the highest quality ingredients. Trusted protection, always. 100% premium cotton top layer. Super absorbent holes. Form-fitting grooves, designed to move with you. Questions? Comments? Call toll-free 1-800-888-3115. When making inquiries, please refer to the number printed on the bottom of the package.

Do not flush. Easy opening! See back panel.

Country of Origin

Assembled In Canada.