CareOne Ear Plugs Air Pressure Regulating 3 piece set

CareOne Ear Plugs Air Pressure Regulating 3 piece set

1 set pkg



CareOne™ Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs. Relieves ear pain and nausea. Reduces pressure and background noise. Ideal for flying and mountain driving. Safe, washable and reusable. The attenuation values were obtained under laboratory conditions and are for comparison purposes only. The amount of protection afforded may differ depending on how the protectors are fitted and worn. The attenuation values in actual use may be lower. Noise reduction rating. 22 decibels (when used as directed). The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30 (higher numbers denote greater effectiveness). Federal law prohibits removal of this label prior to purchase. EPA. Label required by US EPA regulation 40 CFR part 211 Subpart B. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Plugs made in Israel. Case made in Taiwan. ©2008 S&S Brands, Inc.

1. For a proper fit, pull top edge of ear outward and upward while inserting the ear plug. 2. Insert plug into the ear with a slight twisting motion. Allow plug to sit comfortably inside ear. Do not force into ear canal. If painful, remove and reinsert. For best results use no more than five times. For air travel, insert before take off and remove after landing. For external use only. Keep away from infants. Non-toxic.

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