Beyond Optics Contact Lens Case On-the-Go

Beyond Optics Contact Lens Case On-the-Go

1 ct pkg


Contact Lens Case.


1. Use of detergents, cleaner, abrasives or solvents may cause cracks. 2. Use of this lens case with heat may cause warpage. Use for storage during chemical disinfection. Do not use with heat. 3. Do not use with Hydrogen Peroxide solution. 4. The case is to be used with saline solution for multipurpose [contact lens] solution only. Dispose before bacteria grows!


With carrying case and mirror. Healthy eyes. Start with a clean case. Keep your contact lens cases fun & fresh with designs just for you! The On-the-Go Lens Case offers style and ease when traveling away from home. This convenient case holds an interior mirror and removable plastic lens case. Did you know that bacteria growth in your lens case and lenses can possibly harm your eyes? Leading optometrists recommend changing your cases every 30 days. Follow Us: Facebook: Instagram:

Directions for Use: 1. Clean and wash lens case with hot water. Rinse thoroughly with saline solution or multipurpose solution. 2. Lens cases can be a significant source of microbial contamination. To help prevent eye infections, lens case should be cleaned, rinsed and air dried every day; and replaced every month to prevent microbial contamination. 3. Clean the lenses according to directions on the label. 4. Rinse the lenses according to the directions on the multipurpose or saline solution. 5. Place the right lens in the chamber marked R. 6. Place the left lens in the chamber marked L. 7. Pour enough multipurpose solution or saline solution into the case to cover the lens. 8. Snap or twist caps tightly to prevent leakage. Replace every 30 days.

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