CareOne Drug Screen Test

CareOne Drug Screen Test

1 ct pkg


CareOne™ Drug Screen Test. 1 Drug tested Marijuana. Over 99% accurate* results in minutes professional grade testing device. Clear, sanitary viewing of test results. One (1) self-contained urinalysis test cup with secure lid and 1 test strip (one time use). Base on clinical patient study. Manufactured in the USA. Drug Screen Test™ 1. One step onsite. Package includes 1 self-contained urinalysis test cup with any combination of the following test strips for the simultaneous direction of the following drugs of abuse. Features: Quick results in only 5 minutes. Professional grade testing device. No instruments needed. Drugs tested in this kit: THC - Marijuana. COC - Cocaine. MET - Methamphetamine. AMP - Amphetamine. OPI - Opiates. MDMA - Ecstasy. PCP - Phencyclidine. TCA - Tricyclic antidepressants. BAR - Barbiturates. BZD - Benzodiazepines. MAD - Methadone. OXY - Oxycodone. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2017 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Drug screen test does not require any handling or manipulation to activate the test. Just dispense urine into cup and read results in only 5 minutes. Keep sealed until ready to use. Directions for use: 1. Insert into the test cup and replace cap. 2. Wait 5 minutes before reading results. 3. If positive, send to laboratory for analysis. This drug test cup provides preliminary test results. A more specific chemical method (such as GC/MC) should be used to confirm the results. Test procedure: 1. Urinate into cup, filling the cup with urine above the minimum level line. 2. Stand the cup upright on a solid surface. 3. Wait 5 minutes. 4. Read results. 5. After test results are confirmed please dispose of the entire cup. Negative: Two lines indicate a negative result. Positive: One line indicates a positive result. Retest: No line requires a retest. See instructions inside for more details about reading results. Please note: This is only a preliminary home drug testing kit for instant results. For confirming results, check with your family physician or health care professional.


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