Lami Precision Blending Wedges

Lami Precision Blending Wedges

1 ct box


Lami Precision Blending Wedges. For makeup application. Latex free. For a flawless, airbrushed look. Hypoallergenic. Get a professional airbrushed looking finish with these precision blending wedges. It's the perfect addition to your makeup kit.

First use: Contains 6 separate wedges. Pick a petal off and dip into water. Squeeze out excess water. Place inside of a towel and squeeze again. Wedges will expand when wet. Precision blending wedges are now ready to use! How to use: Dab precision blending wedges into virtually any makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, and blushes). To apply, bounce (stiple) to apply to face. Great on chin, nose, and eye areas. To clean: Simply hand wash with gentle soap in warm water until clean. Rinse and let air dry.

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Swissco, LLC


New York, NY 10016