Bed Buddy Herbal Naturals Plush ThermaTherapy Neck Pillow

Bed Buddy Herbal Naturals Plush ThermaTherapy Neck Pillow

1 ct pkg


Bed Buddy® Herbal Naturals™ Plush ThermaTherapy® Neck Pillow. Moist heat with aromatherapy in minutes. Deep penetrating relief for aches, muscle strains, tension or arthritis. Lightly scented with lavender and chamomile. Velvety, washable cover. Warms quickly in microwave. 100% all-natural ingredients. Reusable. Natural luxurious relief today. Doctor recommended moist heat without adding water. Experience spa therapy at home. Bed Buddy® Herbal Naturals™ soothes muscle tension and melts away aches and pains. Simply microwave for deep penetrating moist heat ThermaTherapy® that lasts up to an hour. Reuse it time and time again. The soft velvety cover is easily removed and machine washable. Targets the neck and shoulders. Carex® caring for you. Carex Health Brands. Phone: 800-328-2935. Fax: 888-616-4297. ©2009 Carex Health Brands.

Place product in microwave and heat for 90 seconds. Carefully touch to test. If additional warmth is desired, continue heating in 20 second intervals. Do not exceed two and a half minutes heating time per use. Microwave heating times vary. Always test for hot spots and overall temperature before using. Consult your physician before use if any medical conditions exist or if pregnant. Do not use this product on persons with nerve damage, circulatory problems, sensitive skin, damaged or broken skin; or on persons unable to remove this product such as infants, children, and some older persons. Review caution label before use. Do not remove caution label from the product. Care instructions: Remove inner pouch before washing. Machine wash outer cover in warm water. Tumble dry. Fabric softener recommended. Suggested uses: Aches, pains, stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

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