Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice

Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice

10 oz box

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Sat Fat

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
10.0 oz
Servings Per Container
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
9g   12
Saturated Fat
2g   10
Trans Fat
35mg 12
690mg 30
404mg 8
Total Carbohydrate
39g   14
Dietary Fiber
1g   4
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Basmati Rice (Water, Rice), Water, Boneless White Meat Chicken, Onions, Tomato Paste, Non-Fat Yogurt (Cultured Non-Fat Milk, Pectin), Expeller Pressed Canola Oil. Contains 2% Or Less Of: Cream, Garlic, Ginger, Sea Salt, Cumin, Cane Sugar, Rice Starch, Paprika, Coriander Seed, Native Corn Starch, Spices, Turmeric, Fenugreek Leaves.


Contains: milk.

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Saffron Road® Chicken Tikka Masala With Basmati Rice. World cuisine. Chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. 17g protein per serving. Roasted white meat chicken simmered with tandoori spices in a robust, creamy tomato sauce. Medium. Inspected for Wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Certified GF, Gluten-Free® by GFCO8. Certified M® Halal* by IFANCA. Net wt 10 oz (283g). Our chicken tikka masala features: Tomatoes. Ginger. Cumin. Turmeric. Coriander seeds. Journey to Better™. Explore the dish crowned by the British as their national dish. Did you know that... The wildly popular chicken tikka masala is filled with more than delightful tandoori spices, it's filled with intrigue. The origin of this triumph of Indian cuisine remains a mystery. To some, its history stretches back 5,000 years to the first use of the tandoor, the Indian clay oven. To others, it is a modern invention created by the British. Whoever is right, our chicken tikka masala is your journey to better culinary experiences on the Saffron Road. Indian recipe authentic. Saffron Road, tikka masala. Saffron Road, crunchy chickpeas, Bombay spice. Saffron Road, tortilla bake with chicken verde. From snacks to meals, join the delicious journey with Saffron Road. †Our family farmed chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, mindfully handled with proper shelter and resting areas promoting healthy behavior, and never, ever given antibiotics. *Certified Halal by IFANCA, 8Certified Gluten Free by GFCO, At Saffron Road®, we are on a journey to discover and share extraordinary flavors and meals from around the world. Experience the wonder of finely crafted international food, with our bold, authentic recipes made with carefully selected ingredients. Grounded in a deep respect for our planet and the real ingredients it provides, all of our products are held to the highest of ethical and quality standards. Saffron Road. Journey to Better. Chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. Chicken raised with care†. Certified gluten-free8. Certified halal*. Recyclable cardboard and inner tray. ©American Halal Company, Inc.

Keep frozen. Cook thoroughly. Microwave instructions - 1100 watts. For alternative cooking methods: Remove tray from carton and pierce film 3-4 times. Cook on high for 4 minutes. Peel film back enough to stir, replace film and cook on high for an additional 1 1/2-2 minutes. Let stand 1-2 minutes. Remove film, stir and serve. Do not thaw. Do not use a toaster oven. Caution: product will be hot! Note: microwaves vary, always cook to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

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