Bantem Bagels Mini Stuffed The Classic New York City Original - 10 ct

Bantem Bagels Mini Stuffed The Classic New York City Original - 10 ct

13 oz box

Quick Facts



Sat Fat

Nutrition Facts

servings per container

Serving Size
1.3 ounce
Amount per serving
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
4g 4
Saturated Fat
2g 10
Trans Fat
10mg 3
135mg 6
Total Carbohydrate
14g 5
Dietary Fiber
0g 0
Total Sugars
0g Added Sugars 0
Vitamin D
5mg 0
1mg 6
3mg 0
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Cream Cheese (Pasteurized Milk And Cream, Salt, Carob Bean Gum, Cheese Culture), Water, Diastatic Malt Syrup, Whole Milk, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate.


Contains: milk, wheat. Manufactured in a facility that also processes: eggs, soy.

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Plain Bagel stuffed with plain whipped cream cheese! 100 Calories; 3.5 g total fat; 1 g sugar; 3 g protein. Our company, Bantam Bagels, has been operating at the speed of light, going places we could never have dreamed when we started less than 5 years ago. Our crazy journey started when we decided to make bagels in our apartment in Brooklyn and stuff them with cream cheese. We had no experience in food or baking, we just wanted to create something that was uniquely ours and pursue our own American Dream. Setting out on a mission to change the way people eat NYC's most iconic food, we took our homemade bagels and opened a shop on Bleecker Street, caused a national disruption in the bagel market, and grew our distribution from that tiny Bleecker Street shop to two product lines in over 16,000 stores nationwide (not to mention, having two babies along the way!). By far the most entrepreneurial lesson we've learned to date is that it's not all about selling, but actually about connecting. Food is so personal and we feel lucky to be able to connect with our customers every day in the most personal of ways. We wanted to carve out a special section on the box in your hand and dedicate it you. You have taken a chance on us and our products and in return we want to open up and share a little more about us and our story. Here well share excerpts from our own journey with the hopes that we can inspire, teach, or simply entertain the people who are eating our products and making our dreams come true. Hope you enjoy! The Bantam Hustle: Behind our brand is a churn of hard work, so passionate and avid, that the idea of hard work has become the heart and soul of our company, driving us to grow and innovate beyond anybody's original vision. From us as owners, to all members on the ground and everyone in between, Bantam Bagels staff prides ourselves in our hard work, fondly coined by our team as the Bantam Hustle. Our ultimate Bantam Hustle moment was just last year (yes, this was already after we had hit the shelves in both coffee shops and grocery stores nationwide it never ends!). Pregnant with my second, we had a last minute offer for back-to-back airings on QVC. Unwilling to say no to any opportunity, we said yes and booked the shows immediately. So there we were: early on a Wednesday we made the drive to QVC and aired at 7pm. One airing down and we were killing it, far exceeding our dollars per minute expectations! With a three-hour wait between airings, and my pregnant-lady inability to stay energized for more than a few hours at a time, we took to the green room for a quick rest and catch up on emails before restarting a new cycle of hair & makeup, mic set up and table rehearsals. Through bleary eyes, at midnight we wrapped our second sell (another great one!), got in the car, and drove the 2.5 hours back home. What felt like mere seconds later, the alarm started blaring time to get up, there was a plane to catch! Landing in LA later that morning, we ran off the plane, hailed a cab and literally jogged into the show room for one of the highest profile trade shows of the year. With only 5 minutes until the show floor opened, our suitcases exploded open like clown cars, booth materials flying everywhere. We set up our booth in record speed. While buyers entered the floor and starting poring down the aisles, we put the finishing touches on our table and fired up the oven. After a wildly successful show, we flew the redeye home to boxes, movers, and a whole new adventure. That may have been one whirlwind trip, but the truth is, if we aren't willing to do it, how can we expect anyone else to? We never stop learning. When we received the first major interest in our bagels back in 2015, we were so accustomed to saying yes - the strategy that had brought us from zero to the national stage - that we didn't pause to fully think through the deal and simply said we would make it happen. In our typical full steam a head mode, we went about inventing a retail business from scratch, working towards what we believed would be our big break in grocery stores. We designed boxes, re engineered our production line, invested in packaging equipment, and established a distribution infrastructure. We were ready! Bursting with excitement, we flew from New York to San Francisco to see our bagels on the store shelves first-hand. Running through the grocery aisles, we yelled out to each other as we searched high and low for the first box of frozen Bantams. Ten minutes passed and we were still searching we asked a store staffer nobody knew what we were talking about we kept looking still nothing. The wave of disappointment knocked the wind out of us. Determined to establish Bantam as a name in the grocery store aisle, we knew it was time to pause, take a step back, and understand what had happened. Without realizing it, we had set ourselves up for failure with that first deal by agreeing to sell our frozen bagels in the bakery section - a part of the store that was so unaccustomed to selling frozen product that our bagels, when they finally did show up at the store, were either displayed at room temperature (eek!) or were so buried between ice cream cake displays that they were hardly noticeable at all. It was then that we began attending trade shows, learning from other brands, establishing a broker support system and approaching grocery stores smarter and more prepared than ever before. By shifting our strategy to the right section of the grocery store and arming ourselves with a support system who knew the landscape, we re-launched into grocery aisles and went from 0 to 5,000 stores in under a year, carving out full Bantam-shelves one at a time, and bringing new customers down the aisle who hadn't shopped for frozen breakfast food in years. As seen on Shark Tank. To learn more about our products and our company, check us out at:

Heating Directions: Keep frozen until ready to eat. Toast or heat before eating. Do not refreeze thawed product. Unwrap Bantams and place in microwave or oven safe dish before heating. Caution: Product will be hot after heating. Toast (for best results): Step 1: Defrost- microwave 10-15 sec. per Bantam or refrigerate overnight. Step 2: Toaster Oven- Toast for 4-5 minutes or until crispy! Oven - Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place Bantams on baking sheet in oven for 6 minutes. Microwave (Ovens may vary): Microwave 20 sec. Add 20 secs for each additional Bantam. Tip for the Best Bantam eating experience: Make sure the full Bantam (both inside & out) are entirely defrosted before heating in the oven or toaster oven!